Openbravo is an award-winning, subscription-based, open source ERP solution. Used by over 6,500 companies across the World, Openbravo is modern, adaptable and easy to implement.

Openbravo is a flexible, agile product that can be implemented quickly and in a focused manner, allowing quick resolution to business issues and a prompt return on investment. All organisations can benefit from end-to-end control of their business from a single system, and with Openbravo this can be achieved from just £117 per month – so the traditional barrier of cost to acquiring a class-leading ERP solution no longer applies.

Why not see how a modern, open, subscription-based ERP system can transform a business by bringing together:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • MRP
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • QC
  • Back-Office
  • Finance
  • CRM
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Service Management
  • and much, much more…

Businesses and organisations
using Openbravo could gain:

  • Better planning and execution
  • Lower stock holdings
  • Faster response to customers
  • Improved margins
  • Better yields
  • Optimised use of personnel
  • Improved sales
  • Less stock-outs
  • End-to-end financial control
  • The ability to grow bigger faster

We have solutions for:

  • Retailer and Multi-channel Retail
  • Manufacturing and Packing
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Professional Practices
  • Service and installation Companies
  • Co-working and Business Centres
Why not watch the short video below or go to and get the full picture.
Openbravo can revolutionise your business and that of your customers